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Terms of Use

Please read these terms of use before downloading anything from this site. 
 By using one of our sets, you indicate that you understand and accept 
our terms of use.

 No alterations are to be made to the linkware websets or email stationary set other than adding text or music.  You are not required to use every piece in each webset, but please don't mix and match web sets.

I do not mind if you you remove an image from an Incredimail letter to display on your web site as long as you give a credit and/or link to me.  But you are not allowed to rip my letters to create new Incredimail letters. 

You are allowed to make stationary using my signature tags but please do not take credit for the work.

These are linkware graphics. That means in return for the use of these graphics on your web site, you
supply to me a link back on each page you use my set as well as to the artist on sets containing work of other artists.  Please link back to:


 It may not be used on a commercial site, other then affiliate.

No redistribution of these graphics in any form - you may NOT put the set up on your site and
offer to others as your own.

  Please upload the images to your own server or web site directory.  
Do not link directly to the images on this website.  
Linking to the images on this site is bandwidth theft and a federal offence.

 I also would like to thank the other artists for their permission to use 
their beautiful art work, when on occasion I use other art then my own.

If you decide to use one of my sets I would appreciate it if you would like 
to post a link to your Web Site in my Free-For-All Links Page.


Terms for Our Purchaseware

Our purchase ware is subject to the following Terms and Conditions:

Anita Lee Creations retains the copyright to the template and still requires a link back to our site on the page on which our graphics are used. A text link is acceptable; a page of credits is not.

Under no circumstances may you alter, change, colorize, resize or modify any of our graphics without our specific written permission.  This prohibition includes using any of the images to create other websets, graphics, filters, brushes, tubes, nozzles, fonts or other software plug ins.

This template is not to be redistributed in any way, including sharing it with friends or adding it to a "graphic collection".  It is intended for use by one person - the purchaser.

We have no objection to our templates being used on adult content sites, however, none of our graphics or templates may be used on any site promoting or containing child abuse, hate, bigotry, racism, animal abuse, pornography and/or illegal activities.  You will be asked to remove our graphics if they are found to be used on such a site.

You must upload the template and all images to your own server or web site directory. Do not link directly to the images on this website.  Linking to the images on this site is bandwidth theft.

Thank you for your interest and enjoy your visit




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